Thursday, May 26, 2011

the angel of stripes

bianca passarge i think you are wonderful.

traveling up to big sur to meet my sissy for some camping. yay!
meet you back here monday. have a grand weekend.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

friendly etsy wednesday

loving the work of Harry Stooshinoff
a fellow esty-ian

and a fun extra
:) via jasian

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

lovely tuesday. double post. 02

happy birthday bob dylan
mix posted on npr.

lovely tuesday. double post. 02

long beach antique and swap meet, one of my favorite places.

tables full of stuff you never knew you wanted.

like watch parts...

almost bought a bowl set, couldn't justify having two bowl sets in my tiny kitchen. beautiful colors.

isnt this coat/shrug amazing. wish i had somewhere to attend and wear this too..

booth full of sea treasures

ha! made me laugh

and this was the nice fellow selling you back your marbles

i never knew there was an e.t. game.

pretty sure my momma has or had one of these. mae?

Monday, May 23, 2011

short post monday.

my boyfriend surprised me with 'funny movie saturday' this past weekend. he took me to see bridesmaids and it is hilarious! the funniest new movie i've seen in a long time. you can be sure it will last on the classic list with other gems like dumb and dumber. inspired me for another chuckle...awful bridesmaids dresses....enjoy

Friday, May 20, 2011

few photo friday

i know i promised lb swap meet photos but those will have to wait for a special wknd post.

these photos are amazing.
given warning of flood waters soon to arrive farmers and home owners in mississippi took matters into their own hands.

i wonder if they are going to wait until the waters recede or boat out to their homes.
would be very surreal being at your dry house in the middle of the mississippi.

Monday, May 16, 2011

science wednesday

must be the nerd in me but i love these science videos...
first read about Natural Science Lecture Demonstration team here on NPR, and ended up over on their youtube channel. awesome videos that i never thought i wanted to see so bad.
here's links to a few of my favorites...
pendulum waves, water balloon ping pong ball, mousetrap fission, water balloon

i will post pictures tmrw i took at the long beach antique and swap meet i went to this past sunday.
happens every third sunday. and as it works out twice this month (hear that amber?, happening
again on may 29th)
i try to make it as often as i can because i not only get my supply of sock monster eyes (buttons), I absolutely love that place. deals as far as the eye can see.
here's a few pictures posted by them to wet your palate.

vintage clothes, mixed in with name brands for ultra cheap, bought myself a diesel purse for $15.

great old jewelry.

and who doesn't need and extra tall indian for the parlor room?

what? a suitcase full of thread? is this heaven

old colorful rugs

what a great wood bench...wouldn't it be wonderful all cleaned up and placed on my front patio.

Friday, May 13, 2011

words to remember

'hey mcfly, those boards don't work on water...unless you got POWER'

Monday, May 9, 2011

easy breezy monday aka happy birthday kimber

love this shot from jennilee marigomen
makes me long for my vacation in acadia natl park.

all about Japanese masking washi tape. bought some to 'fix' my ikea book shelves that i bought and then poorly constructed. completely nailed and raised the bookshelf before realizing that the back side of the shelves were facing forward. haha. wasnt sure what i was
going to do until i found this tape from pretty tape. just adhered and cut white artists tape and then covered over with the washi tape. turned out great, really gives the white shelves a little bit of their own personality now. just a reminder that sometimes the best things come out of mistakes.

got this one too for future projects, her prices are great. im sure ill find somewhere to use it.

she's got a lot of great patterns in her shop. perfect for crafting, wrapping, shelving...haha.
another great site i found for tape as well masking tape

i'll leave you with these two sweeties that i met this past sunday at the spcala in long beach. i hope to bring one home to join my family.



Friday, May 6, 2011

type friday

i have a deep love for typography.
i love traditional typefaces, experimental typefaces...but most of all hand done typography.
there's just so much more you can express in letters than just simply reading them.

here's a few new gems i've found

via the fabled needle

via gravual

and a few of mine

via snax and snake

hehe :)
have a great wknd! mothers day sunday
thanks mae for everything, i love you so much.