Monday, June 27, 2011

tea time monday

a brief look into my creative process.
a few things i'm messing around with for my new blog banner.
it'll be here fast as i can set my new site up. getting pretty jazzed.

also wanted to share link to JonathonGorman's site.
he has some wonderful work. really love his use of texture and color.
you can see where i got some inspiration from.

Friday, June 24, 2011

friday, twenty fourth of june two thousand eleven

read about this poor little fellow on NPR
took a wrong turn and ended up in new zealand. i hope he gets back to antartica. i know what its like to miss home.

feeling like summer where i am.
these are some of my favorite summertime shots. (unknown artists)
have a wonderful weekend.
im looking forward to stand up paddle boarding and kayaking.
yes and and importing photos to upload.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

lovely tuesday. double post. 04

we've been delayed. i had jury duty

awesome print i found over at yee haw a great online print shop. love it check it out.
nothing i love more than farmers markets. ok maybe a flea market, antique, swap meet. but i do love a great farmers market with local fruits and vegis.
had a chance to quickly walk through one as it was shutting down up north in cambria.
was able to sneak in a purchase of blueberry jam. its absolutely divine.

this made me smile.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lovely tuesday. double post. 03

can not get over these photos by Brigitte Grignet.
it's almost as if they are speaking to you. it seems that each one of her images has a story.
that you must sit down and listen to over fresh biscuits with raspberry jam.
yum, perhaps im just hungry.
her work is amazing. these are just a few of my favorites featured here
at NPR.
her site is just full of beauties.
please take a look through. looking at them reminded me that only the simple things in life really matter.
cheers brigitte. cheers.

i happened across this pic of some genius work of art this past week.
but for the life of me can not remember where i got it or whom the artist is.
i have it saved with the word 'brimfield' but have been unsuccessful tracing it back.
i know that feeling all too well, and it made me smile.

so photos for e3 will be posted very soon.
i've been distracted due to a new sock monster friend i've been creating in my kitchen (our second bedroom is full of bike parts...or should i call it the bikeroom) :0)
so, for photo friday i hope to have pictures of both!
stay tuned.

Friday, June 10, 2011

fridays are like

pay no attention to the dirt under the nails :0)
i got in some camping during this photo shoot.
love you jt

enjoy your weekend
will post photos from e3 next week. saw some amazing work, and had a piece up myself.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

big sur on the brain

my brain is still in big sur. not like you can blame it.

came across these wonderful DIY blogs.
ive always loved crafting and making things, but i notice more and more the older i get how i enjoy having new projects to do. i guess thats how i started sock monstering. (see below) :0)

look into these gems. wonderful diy blogs with a
fashion flair
(studs and pearls)
Honestly WTF

this shibori project from Honestly wtf is going to be my next fun wknd.